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Writing articles, developing recipes

When I am not cooking, eating or styling food, I write about it and the people who grow, make and share it. I love sharing my tips on what to do with glut from backyard gardens to writing about real people behind the food with interesting backgrounds who are driven by food.

It is so important to know where your food comes from, to know your grower is to know your food is to loving your food. Nothing is more rewarding when I can bring people and food together.

The Garden Guru, Phil Dudman and I were regular contributors to ABC Organic Gardener magazine Harvest section, the most read section of the magazine. Phil shared his knowledge of growing I developed, wrote and styled seasonal recipes.  I have worked in the publishing industry for 15 years, conceiving, writing and styling countless recipes for many cookbooks and popular magazines. I am a regular contributor for ABC Gardening Australia magazine writing food related articles. One of my memorable articles was interviewing Chris Murphy, famous for managing one of the worlds biggest bands, INXS and now passionate about food sustainability. He started producing free-range eggs called ‘Seriously Free Range Rock Chic eggs’, seriously.